Android 3.0 to get VOIP – and a delay?

Android 3.0 to get VOIP   and a delay?

The first blurry cam (very blurry!) shot of Gingerbread is out, along with some more indications of what we might be instore for in the next version of Android. 

The main work is being done to the look of the OS, with features such as “bouncing” for lists, a generally “prettier” look and a more cohesive feel to standard apps – such as YouTube, and the inclusion of VOIP protocols for video and audio calls. Oh and the addition of more green apparently!

VOIP features could open up opportunities for tablet developers to enhance the capabilities of WiFi only devices, and video calling should make Samsung happy with the cameras in their new tablet. It would certainly open up a new user base, linked in with the video calling plugin for Gmail on computers. VOIP would be 3.0 exclusive though – Google continuing to favour the latest iterations of their OS. 

But Gingerbread was supposed to be with us at the end of this year, and looks like it could slip to Q1 2011 – plus the irritating delay while Operators tweak their ROMs, meaning it could be a while before anyone gets it. 
However we could see it native on lots of Android Tablets at CES next year.