HTC Announce New Windows Phone 7 Devices

HTC Announce New Windows Phone 7 Devices >Today HTC have announced some exciting Windows Phone 7 devices to the world and after getting some hands on time recently you really have to try one out yourself to appreciate all the work put into getting the best possible user experience which is something Windows Mobile had a long term battle against.

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First of all there is the HTC 7 Mozart which was recently leaked in an online document from Orange UK.  The specs of the Mozart include a 3.7 inch screen, 8GB of storage although not expandable and the highlight is the 8 megapixel camera with Xenon Flash included for the best photography possible.  As with the HTC Legend, the Mozart is made from a Unibody Aluminium case which makes it extra strong and really nice to use when in the hand.  The Mozart is exclusive to Orange

Second is the HTC 7 Trophy which has a slightly larger screen at 3.8″ with the camera dropping to a lower 5 megapixel lens and an LED flash.  The Trophy will go on sale in the UK under a Vodafone exclusive deal.


Third is the HTC HD7 which is exclusive to O2 over here in the UK.  The HD7 is a real multimedia powerhouse with a massive 4.3 inch screen, 5 megapixel camera and dual LED flash.

The HTC 7 Pro is another new device which has been announced which is the only phone from HTC running Windows Phone 7 which features a QWERTY keyboard.  This device has no operator exclusivity.

All the devices feature a Qualcomm 1GHZ processor for speedy operation and ensure the phone does not experiance any lag.  All phones also come with Dolby sound speakers which give amazing sound quality when listening to music.

So now the exciting bit…… the release dates for these devices is due on October 21st! so just a short time away give or take a few days for delivery.  This means by the end of the month you could be using your very own Windows Phone 7 device and this is a great idea from HTC having the phones on sale so soon after announcement,

With Windows Phone 7 a locked down OS, HTC were unable to put their customised ‘Sense’ homescreen setup on but they have managed to get around that by including HTC Hub which is a tile on the screen linked to an application which in theory makes the phone look like it has Sense and brings a very unique view to the new OS.  HTC have also included some other preloaded apps such as a live tile for weather which can sit on your screen and updates at different times, there is also stock market prices, sound manager and a really cool looking Notes application w

hich looks like a board you hang on a wall and pin notes too, and as notes become older the actually start to become worn on the screen which is really different and a lot of attention to detail.

All these new phones are simply stunning from hardware design to the look of the OS and ease of use.  As someone who is a big Apple fan and has been using Symbian for the past 4 years the OS is not like anything you expect from Microsoft and when I look back to the announcement at Mobile World Congress this year I hated the design of the OS and pretty much wrote it off, but after having some hands on time I have to admit I have given in, converted to a BIG fan and will be getting a device as soon as they go on sale here.