Everything Everywhere cross-network roaming live today

Everything Everywhere cross network roaming live today

So today, according to the Everything Everywhere announcement Orange and T-Mobile customers should be able to browse across both networks after registering on the links below. It’s currently “voice only” but you’ll get data roaming soon too.

“From 5th October, 30 million customers – the combined customer base of Orange & T-Mobile in the UK – will be offered the opportunity to access both networks, enabling them to make calls and send texts in more places in the UK for no extra cost.”

Don’t forget that you need to sign up at orange.co.uk/share or tmobile.co.uk/share depending on who you are with. Some people may have used these links earlier, but we’d recommend following them now to get the special SIM updates sent to your phone.

Extra From Dan: Everyone who wants to use the roaming feature will need to fill in the form on the links above.  If you filled in anything else before yesterday it will not work, those forms were for more information where as the new forms from yesterday actually add the feature to your sim.  Just to clear up any confusion.

Link – Everything Everywhere