BlackBerry VS Android…Which Is Quicker?

BlackBerry VS Android...Which Is Quicker?

We all know that Android is a creation of Google and so is Gmail, so what happens when we put the worlds leading email service on a mobile device, BlackBerry (BIS) against the new kid on the block, Android with it’s services such as Google Mail.

As I just happened to have a Blackberry Torch in the building and also a Nexus One there was one way to see which was quicker at picking up emails and that was to do a quick head to head video.

So to set the scene, I sent an email from my home computer to my CoolSmartPhone email account which uses Google and had both devices side by side, both getting full 3G coverage and both setup to sync emails from this account.

Check out the video after the break…….

Thank you to the team at Vodafone for the loan of the Nexus One device