Android apps sharing data – but who with?

Android apps sharing data   but who with? A recent study by a team of computer scientists from Penn State, Intel Labs and Duke University has been conducted into Android apps which share location and other sensitive data from your phone. They tested 30 out of the 358 most popular Android apps which asked for location, camera and audio data – 15 of these apps sent location data to advertisers and didn’t inform users when this information was being sent. Some sent updates every 30 seconds and some sent information even when the app wasn’t running.

Whilst these apps do inform you that information will be sent, it doesn’t say who to – for all you know your location information may be shared with anyone – not just advertisers. The report rightly points out that many people (including myself) “blindly trust” apps and presume that data will be handled in a secure and sensitive way.

Link – AppAnalysis
Via – BBC