Vodafone 945 Announced – Coming next month

Vodafone 945 Announced   Coming next month Vodafone have just announced an updated range of own-brand handsets ready for Christmas. Amongst the three announced today is the Vodafone 945, which will follow in the footsteps of the Vodafone 845 we played with some months back.

The Vodafone 945 features a 3.2″ capacitive multi-touch screen, 5 megapixel camera with flash, WiFi and expandable storage. The Vodafone Music service will also be included with over 2 million DRM-free tracks ready to download.

The new handset is available from October in silver or black.

Link – Vodafone Press Release

Vodafone’s Own-Brand Handset Range Updated for Christmas

28 September 2010

Group Press Releases (2010)

* Vodafone 553 brings high-end smartphone design to affordable pre-pay handset

* Vodafone 945 boosts Vodafone’s market-leading Android range

* Design collaboration with high-street fashion label Miss Sixty gives Vodafone 543 a makeover

Vodafone today announces the launch of three new phones to its popular own-brand handset range. The Vodafone 553 qwerty side-slider, the Vodafone 945 Android smartphone and the refreshed Vodafone 543 are all due in store in time for the busy Christmas sales period.

Vodafone 553

The Vodafone 553 taps into the touchscreen with qwerty side-slider trend that is currently popular in high-end smartphone design. The 2.8” rotatable touchscreen and keyboard give the customer the choice to use their phone to suit their communication needs – be it sending a quick text message, or a having longer catch-up with friends online.

The 553 is an ideal phone for email, messaging and mobile internet. It comes with Opera Mini 5.0 for mobile internet browsing, and just one tap from the start-up screen takes the user straight to email or to leading social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger. The phone is powered by Vodafone’s 360 People – an address book which brings a customer’s various online contact lists together in one place and makes them available both on the phone and automatically backed up and in sync at www.360.com.

The phone is packed with other great features too, including a 2MP camera with digital zoom, Bluetooth, FM radio, media player and Micro SD card slot for up to 8 GB of extra memory.

The phone comes in black, white, silver or pink, and will be available on pre-pay tariffs in most European Vodafone markets.

Vodafone 945

Following in the footsteps of the popular Vodafone 845 launched in April 2010, the 945 is Vodafone’s second, very competitively priced own-brand Android smartphone.

The handset offers customers a best-in-class mobile internet experience and comes with all the services and features you would expect from a high-end handset: Android 2.1 software; access to Marketplace and its tens of thousands of apps; Vodafone Music services and its catalogue of over 2 million DRM-free tracks; a 3.2” capacitive multi-touch screen with haptic feedback; a 5MP camera with flash; WiFi and 300MB of built-in memory that can be built up to 32GB with a Micro SD card.

Available in black or silver, the Vodafone 945 is a handset with a contemporary feel – both in terms of design and the services and features it offers.

Vodafone 543

Vodafone has collaborated with leading high-street fashion brand Miss Sixty to update the Vodafone 543 with exclusive customised covers and phone accessories designed in colourful, on-trend graphics, all of which are reflective of the Miss Sixty brand. The Vodafone 543, launched in April 2010, has a 2.4” touch screen and runs Opera Mini 5.0 for mobile internet browsing. The phone also comes with Vodafone’s innovative pre-pay balance indicator – an always-on display of how much credit the customer has left to use.

Patrick Chomet, Group Director of Terminals at Vodafone Group said, “We work hard to take the best, most relevant and exciting market trends and make them available at a great price to customers across the Vodafone footprint. In this instance, we’ve developed the Vodafone 553 and 945 to give customers affordable, fast access to the mobile internet data services that are seeing such growth in popularity – in fact, within two years we expect to see 70% of our mature market sales going to smartphones.”