Not got your Orange Desire update yet? Read on..

Not got your Orange Desire update yet? Read on.. A few of you have emailed us in asking why they’ve not got the Desire Android 2.2 update on Orange. We’ve got an Orange Desire here which has been updated and one that hasn’t, but it turns out that the delay isn’t just purely due to the amount of handsets out there.

This post has been added to the Orange support pages. It states that, if you’re on version then you’ll first need to go to an interim update of You can find this out through “About Phone -> System Software” on the Settings screen. HTC will now be rolling out version early next week. Once that’s done you can do a manual update to 2.2. Ta-dar!!

Some people have already used unrevoked to “root” their Desire and install other ROMs, but that will of course invalidate your warranty and could, in fact, make the world spin backwards. You’ve been warned.

Link – Orange Support
Credit – Daniel Keeble