HTC 7 Trophy snapped

HTC 7 Trophy snapped This, according to the guys at, is the new HTC 7 Trophy. Inside should be the new HTC Sense / HTC Sense Hub / HTC Portal and meanwhile, outside, there’s three buttons up-front, a power button on top and a microUSB connector on the side.

There’s still a bit of uncertainty around this device and whether it will actually appear as the “HTC 7 Trophy” but it is comforting to see HTC kit running Windows Phone 7 with the launch date now becoming so tantalisingly close.

The screenshot here shows an OS version of 7.0.7003.0 and around 7.2GB of storage. appears to also have a drawing of the HTC HD7, which is a slightly different handset. We’ve since got photos of this phone.

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HTC HD3 / HTC HD7.. (Full photos here)

HTC 7 Trophy snapped