Orange HTC Desire 2.2 Update – It’s rolling!

Orange HTC Desire 2.2 Update   Its rolling! Hot on the heels of our earlier story is news received in the last few minutes that the HTC Desire update (Android 2.2 / FroYo) has now started rolling out for Orange customers.

Did we kick something into gear? Who knows, but do let us know whether yours has arrived and what you think. Greg Middleton has already got his and tells us…

“WiFi tethering is still there !”

Update – The update will probably roll out gradually, so don’t worry if nothing has popped up on yours yet. You can force an update check (in Settings->About Phone->System Software Updates). We’ve added a picture gallery showing the update process.

Links – Conor Maples (Twitter)Update process
Credit – Daniel Keeble