Orange HTC Desire 2.2 Update – Information from HTC

Orange HTC Desire 2.2 Update   Information from HTC

Last week we ran a story regarding the update delay for HTC Desire owners who had purchased the phone through Orange. A few customers had accused Orange of causing the delay. A few of you contacted HTC and they responded by stating that the hold up was due to Orange, with many people pointing a finger at Conor Maples from Orange after he posted this tweet. Orange responded with this statement and they were keen to assure customers that the update was to be made available as soon as possible.

However, HTC have now given us the following statement..

“We can confirm that the response posted on Coolsmartphone was sent by one of our Customer Services agents. We apologise to the customer and to Orange for the inaccuracy and tone of the response. The Customer Services agent responsible has been sent for retraining. HTC values all of its customers and partners, and is working hard to bring the Android 2.2 update to Orange Desire customers. The update is passing through the final stages of approval and we hope to push this out to customers very soon.”

Both HTC and Orange told us that getting this update out to customers is of utmost importance. Both companies are working together on this, and I doubt there was any intention to mislead or lie to customers regarding the progress of the update.