A closer look at the new HTC Sense

A closer look at the new HTC Sense So, we know that the HTC Desire HD ROM has been squirted into other devices and we saw all the new functionality at the recentHTC event. Now there’s more detail thanks to the guys at AndroidSPIN who have posted screenshots of the all-new HTC Sense interface.

The new features include the HTCSense.com account, which hooks your mobile into the new online portal for data backup, location and remote wiping. There’s also HTC eReader application and the ability to switch and download skins – easily changing the appearance of your handset. A new “HTC Likes” application lists applications that have been recommended by HTC, there’s a recently-used applications section and, as you may have seen in the earlier video, you can now reorganise your home screens by dragging and dropping.

Link – AndroidSPIN