HTC Desire Updates – Things aren’t going well

HTC Desire Updates   Things arent going well There’s quite a few HTC Desire owners out there and we’ve seen a lot of news about the new Android 2.2 (FroYo) update. It’s been a bumpy ride for pretty much everyone. First o2 owners got their update, only to have it removed a few days later. Vodafone also rolled out an update but it wasn’t the 2.2 version everyone was expecting, plus it had a load of extra software included. End result? Vodafone did a u-turn and released a less-cluttered 2.2.

Then, just yesterday, T-Mobile released 2.2 for their UK Desire customers. Somehow lots of German software had been included. So, just a few hours later, it was pulled. What the heck is going on ? Well, we spoke to Orange, who have yet to roll 2.2 out to their Desire handsets. We ran a story about the delay recently and they told us…

“We’re waiting for final partner approval on the 2.2 update – so would like to reassure our Desire customers we will be making it available as soon as we have this.”

From what we’ve read it seems that these updates require a lot of checking before going out, so perhaps Orange are taking the right route by waiting until it’s right so that the update isn’t pulled shortly after.

If you have a SIM-free handset from HTC then you’ll have a lot less problems of course..

Credit – Terran Brown