HTC Desire HD ROM running on the HTC HD2

HTC Desire HD ROM running on the HTC HD2 Was it really just 3 days ago that the Desire Z and HD were announced? Well, that seems to be long enough for someone to get the Desire HD ROM, complete with all the new HTC Sense goodness, into the usually Windows Mobile-powered HTC HD2.

It’s early days yet and there’s a big “HTC Confidential” watermark across everything, but progress is pretty rapid. Steve has mailed this in and says that it’s currently still running from the microSD card but everything seems to be pretty smooth so far.

Update – Sorry guys. It looks like the video has been removed.

Update 2 – It’s back, this time minus the confidential watermark. click on..

Link – HTC HD2 running the all-new HTC Sense for Desire HD