FroYo For T-Mobile Desire From Today (UPDATE)

FroYo For T Mobile Desire From Today (UPDATE)

Exciting news for HTC Desire customers on T-Mobile UK is that the update for 2.2 (FroYo) is available right now!.  T-Mobile have posted on their official forum the following statement

Hi all,

We have some exciting news for all our Desire users.

The 2.2 firmware update (FroYo) will be available from today and will be sent over the air (OTA) direct to your phone over the coming weeks.

Be sure to save all your personal data before you start downloading. 

This is great news for a lot of people.  If you have a T-Mobile UK branded Desire expect to see an OTA update message any time now.

UPDATE: It seems that T-Mobile have had the wrong update and customers who downloaded 2.2 have been given german applications.  T-Mobile are hoping to roll out the UK update any time now to correct this issue.

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