Windows Phone 7 – GSM-only devices at launch

Windows Phone 7   GSM only devices at launch Microsoft are up against it. Windows Phone 7 has to be good in order to compete. There’s some who say it’ll take years to even get a tiny share of the market, no matter how good it is. Bing, for example, is very good at what it does, but Google are such a household name and have a massive share of the market, making it difficult to compete.

Recent leaked videos now show a much improved Windows Phone 7 interface which has been carefully enhanced by HTC. However, in the US the decision by Verizon to over-price the Microsoft KIN device (and thus kill it) may have been behind the Microsoft plan to launch with GSM-only devices. Here in Europe that’s no big deal as our networks here are GSM-based, but in the US it effectively cuts out Sprint and Verizon until 2011.

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