Nokia Crash HTC Event?

Nokia Crash HTC Event?

Interesting day for me today, I am attending Nokia World as part of my Nokia site duties and it seems as if Nokia and HTC are having a friendly battlle against each other,

HTC sent a coach to collect press from Nokia World and to take them to the HTC event which is also in London so Nokia returned the favor by sending people outside the HTC event with large OVI Maps balloons saying ‘ I found my way with Nokia OVI Maps’ and sent people off with kits containing a large foam finger, pen, sandwich and a eye mask if anyone wanted a snooze.

Funny to see this from the outside looking in, there were no reported punch ups or gang wars so it all looks to be harmless fun.

Although I am reporting on the Nokia event today I have to admit the Desire HD looks STUNNING! and will be my next phone.

Link – HTC London Event Gallery