and stuff we heard today and stuff we heard today
HTC announced their new user website today too. I’m going to call it a “phone control portal” because that’s pretty much what it is. Log in and, if you lose your phone, you can locatr it, send a message which will appear on the lock screen, wipe it or have it ring even if it’s on silent mode. Whether this will still work if the data connection (SIM) is removed we weren’t able to find out, but we’ll be bringing you more on the new website soon.

Meanwhile, a few interesting things popped up today. Windows Phone 7 was mentioned briefly and HTC threw their official weight behind it. However, it was obvious to me that everything HTC are pushing currently seems to target their Android-powered phones. This “portal” as I call it is for Android phones, the improved Sense UI is for Android phones and I struggle to see how either, or particularly the latter, will work on a Windows Phone 7 device. During a Q&A I asked how HTC would be changing Windows Phone 7 phones, if at all. The response was a little guarded, and it sounds like Microsoft or Microsoft and HTC have something very interesting around the corner to show us. “Believe me”, I was told, “you’ll know that it’s a HTC device”. We’re guessing that the fact o2 aren’t carrying the HTC Desire HD may have something to do with it too, but unfortunately only time will tell..

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