Six Windows Phone 7 devices coming to AT&T?

Six Windows Phone 7 devices coming to AT&T? A line-up of perhaps six new Windows Mobile 7 devices has leaked all over engadget with HTC and Samsung devices listed on AT&T in the USA. The HTC Surround is listed but it’s not a device we’ve heard of before and only shows on the leaked images as a white space. Could it be another device to be announced during the big HTC event this Wednesday ? If we were to guess we’d say that the “Surround” name points to an audio feature … could that be the HTC PC40100 we spotted last month?

Another unknown Windows Phone 7 device is the Samsung Focus. There’s also the Samsung Cetus (i917), but rumour has it that three more Microsoft phones are coming after that.

On the Android side of the fence there’s the rather nice 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Link – engadget