T-Mobile G2 (States) Featuring HSPA+

T Mobile G2 (States) Featuring HSPA+

T-Mobile USA have taken the lid officially off the new G2 device (this will be the Desire Z over here so not to be confused with the UK G2 which was the HTC Hero).

The main feature of the G2 is the mind blowing 4G like speeds using HSPA+ which is not quite 4G so think of it as about 3.85G instead.   T-Mobile will be taking Pre-Orders later on in the month but for now you can at least put your name down to learn more information once it becomes available

Although this news does not regard the UK market, there is a HTC press conference this month which we should be attending and strong rumors of the Desire Z (the G2 mentioned above) a Desire HD and a HD3 are doing the rounds at the moment.

Now that T-Mobile have released some more information on this device we may very well see a 3G version over here in the UK although with no network currently supporting HSPA+ there would be some tweaks needed before launch.

Link: T-Mobile G2