Apple makes things easier for developers

Apple makes things easier for developers

Apple has announced some changes to the rules on their App store. 

The first one is they are actually going to publish the rules – until now developers ran the risk of upsetting Apple, but not knowing why – which does make developing Apps a bit difficult. Apparently Apple has now realised and will publish its guidelines, so developers don’t waste their time. 

The second one is actually a reasonably big deal – they are reversing their previous decision to only allow apps that had been compiled on their SDK, which of course only runs on Macs. This upset Adobe in particular, who already smarting from Apple’s hatred of Flash, suddenly found the iOS tools they have built for their new Flash development suite rather pointless. 

So, why are Apple suddenly giving a few things that people want (not flash though, don’t get too excited!)? 
Well perhaps it could be the phenomenal growth of Android, which might just have Apple a bit worried that they have some competition on their hands…

Link – BBC News