Angry Birds. Download. This. Now.

Angry Birds. Download. This. Now. Angry Birds is now available in a Beta form on the Android Market. It’s a highly addictive game which was only meant to be in “closed beta” this week but, due to massive demand, the developers have put it out today for everyone. I’d love to tell you a bit more about it, but unfortunately my wife hasn’t let go of the game yet so I’ve resorted to filming a clip ver her shoulder.

This will probably be a paid-for app when it comes out of beta (and rightfully so, it’s already the number 1 app everywhere on the iPhone) so grab it now. In your Android Market do a search for “Angry Birds” and click the one by “Rovio”. It’s unbelievably addictive and the instructions are pretty simple – just use your slingshot to fire your Angry Birds ay the green pigs who have stolen their eggs. Different birds have different skills and… list. Just DOWNLOAD IT NOW. Honestly. Get it. Go on. Now.

Link – Roxio