Windows Phone 7 – It’s ready to roll

Windows Phone 7   Its ready to roll Slap bang in the middle of a rather large Apple event came this Tweet from the boys at Windows Phone. The news is that Windows Phone 7 has gone “gold” with the RTM (release to manufacturing) of the OS. There’s still some “final integration” to get everything hooked into each device but they’re confident that this is the “most thoroughly tested mobile platform” that Microsoft have ever released.

Oh, and there’s some even better news. Since the Technical Preview they’ve managed to crow-bar in some extra design tweaks and Facebook improvements to select which contacts should be in the main contact list.

There’s also a comment which we really don’t know how to “take”…

“”Today’s milestone is exciting not just because of what we’ll deliver to customers later this year, but how it sets us up for success over the long term in the mobile space… we’re really just getting started.””

Started? That kinda reminds us of something Terry said back in June“”I think about this really as a first release, a first release for this team. If I had more time, I’m not sure that would make the top 10 list of things.””

I don’t know about you, but that says to me, “Hey, be kind, don’t expect to much, it’s our first go”. Thoughts?

Link – Windows Team Blog

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