HTC Peep gives up – Not OAuth compatible?

HTC Peep gives up   Not OAuth compatible? Morning all. Using HTC Peep? Got problems? You’re not the only one. From what we’re hearing it seems that the new Twitter authentication system (OAuth) has stopped Peep and Friendstream from logging in. People seem to be getting “Incorrect username / password” with the timeline stopping, login attempts hanging or a message stating “Address forbidden from accessing Twitter server”,

The old “basic authentication” system was removed yesterday by Twitter and we’re guessing that this is the cause of the Peep issues. If it is the implementation of OAuth that’s causing the problem then this is a pretty major problem for HTC and their Sense platform.

Let us know if you’re getting the same, and many thanks to everyone on Twitter for the info so far.

Update – Twitter announced these changes back in December and the “switch over” date was pushed back more than once to allow for clients to be updated. This obviously hasn’t been done in time. It also looks like PocketTwit for Windows Mobile is doing the same thing. We also stated earlier that Seesmic was doing it too, but you can fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version.

Link – Third-party Twitter authentication disabled