HTC Acknowledge Peep problems

HTC Acknowledge Peep problems Earlier the HTC Twitter client, HTC Peep, ground to a halt after Twitter turned off their standard authentication system. The new OAuth system was announced by Twitter in December and the actual “go” date was pushed back as clients were updated to use the new login API. Late yesterday the Peep client packed up and, after a fairly major web explosion, it seems that every HTC device is having the same issue.

HTC are aware of the problem and now we’re seeing a few comments on Twitter by Mark Moons. Mark works for HTC Europe and has just posted a couple of Tweets which (after a little translation) state..

“Hi All, HTC is currently investigating the reported issues with HTC Peep and Friend Stream … We’ll keep you informed””

Mark surprisingly mentions that Seesmic is a good alternative. Now, just to add some balance to this. Yes, this is pretty bad and HTC seem to be getting quite a bit of flack at the minute. Just a few days ago HTC yet again got blamed for delayed OS updates and now it appears that no-one realised OAuth was about to go live. There are, at least, other clients you can download and HTC do respond to problems like this, plus let’s not forget that other Twitter clients have been affected by this change, so HTC aren’t alone. We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Link – Twitter (1)Twitter (2)