Motorola Dext owners ignored in update schedules

Motorola Dext owners ignored in update schedules Got a Motorola Android phone? You’ve probably followed news of Android 2.1 and 2.2 updates for HTC phones with a certain amount of envy because, according to official timelines, a lot of you are either still waiting for updates or don’t have them scheduled at all. Amongst the hardest hit here in Europe are Backflip and Dext owners, who won’t be getting the 2.1 update, let alone anything newer. To make matters worse, the American version of the Dext (known as the “Cliq” stateside) will be getting the 2.1 update, as will the Backflip. Oohh.. rub some salt in those wounds Moto.

The web has lit up with complaints from annoyed owners, with the Motorola forums full of angry comments …

“No hint of an apology or an explanation why we’ve been shafted. Seems this disdain for us goes right through the whole company.”

“Like many other users of this product, I feel very strongly that I have been misled by your company and my carrier (Orange UK). I chose this device when I was upgrading my phone because of the versatility of the operating system and the availability of apps. That was only three months ago and I now find I have an obsolete device on my hands.”

We’ve contacted Motorola for a comment but haven’t received a response as yet. Motorola owners! Let us know how you feel!

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Credit – Chimpaudio