Is your location showing ?

Is your location showing ? I’ve had a strange problem with my HTC Desire for a couple of weeks now. For some reason I only ever get “United Kingdom” as my location in HTC weather apps and the main HTC clock widget. This is instead of “Birmingham” or “Manchester” etc. I’ve checked my settings and yes, GPS and network location access is enabled but, for some reason, I’m getting no local village, town or city name.

I put the question out to our lovely Twitter followers last night and it seems that a lot of you are having similar issues. I’m trying to find a correlation – I’m on Orange and using the stock Orange 2.1 ROM. Now I’ve seen another Orange Desire doing the same thing, so I’d be interested to find out what device you’re using and whether you’re getting the same thing. For now I’m going to turn off “Network location” and see if just using GPS will sort this out.