Android 2.2 Update for Vodafone Desire just days away

Android 2.2 Update for Vodafone Desire just days away We heard some rumours last night that the HTC Desire update had begun rolling out. Frazer sent an email which just read, “Vodafone is kickin’ out the 2.2 update!” We had a fish around but there didn’t seem to be many other Vodafone Desire owners with the “Update Available” message. Today Vodafone have confirmed that the update is coming, but it’s not here quite yet. This forum post states..

“We’re still developing and testing the Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire and working on its approval with Google and HTC. The start of the roll out is days, not weeks, away and as soon as the date is finalised we’ll let you know.

It’s an absolute priority for Vodafone customers to receive this update as soon as possible and that it works as we promised it would do. The testing process has taken a little longer than we initially anticipated, but we’re working hard to make sure it gives customers the best experience.”

This is great news for Desire owners, and don’t forget that Vodafone will be removing all those 360 applications in this update too. 🙂

Update – The official Vodafone Twitter account is now giving a date of August 23rd, so you should get that FroYo goodness this Monday.

Link – Vodafone Forums