97% of traffic on Three is data

97% of traffic on Three is data Today Ofcom revealed that 45% of our waking hours are spent watching TV, using our mobile phone or other communications devices. Peter Phillips, Ofcom Partner, Strategy & Market Developments, stated..

“Increasingly, mobile devices – especially smartphones – are used for multi-media, but live evening TV still remains the main entertainment event of the day.

Consumers are using communications services more – phone calls, texting and the internet. Yet they are paying less despite getting more, partly through buying in bundles.”

UK network Three have chipped in with a bit more info, which reveals a massive 97% of their traffic is now data rather than phone calls and texts. Facebook use has more than doubled, Google searches have risen by 50%, as have YouTube video views. Three have recently added more Android devices to their line-up and David Kerrigan, Head of Internet Services at Three, said..

“Our customers are using our 3G network to visit sites like Facebook several times a day. We’re also seeing customers searching more than ever and watching more videos as they now use their phones for both information and entertainment when and where they want it.”

Link – Ofcom