Get yourself home in one click

Get yourself home in one click Here’s an interesting tip from lifehacker. If you don’t have a TomTom device and rely on the free Google Navigation system in your Android phone then this little tip is really useful. Just go to your home screen, add a shortcut, choose “Directions and Navigation” and enter your home address. You can choose “walking” if you’re going to have a heavy night on the beer and then just give it a name, like “Go Home”.

Once saved, it’ll offer a one-click solution if you get lost on drunken nights out. If you think ahead, you could even put the address of the local taxi rank or train station. Of course, this isn’t just useful for alcohol-related issues. You can set this up for a loved one should they have the tendancy to get a little lost or if their job takes them to different places.

Update – Our new best mate Crafty has been in touch to tell us that you can also just put search terms in the “Destination” bit and it’ll direct you to the nearest match. For example, you can just put “Pub” or “Coffee” and then, when you click the resulting shortcut, it’ll find out where you are and direct you to the nearest pub or coffee house. Click on to see .. Umazin’ !

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Get yourself home in one click
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