Upcoming Android tablets

Upcoming Android tablets Lots of device manufacturers
have been threatening to release or have released an Android tablet of
late. Some are entry level like the Archos 7 home tablet and some are
definite iPad competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Over the next
few months we will see lots of new android tablets. Amazon, Archos,
Asus, Dell, Huawei, Motorola and Samsung have all given details of tablets. There’s also
lots of cheap Chinese ones as reported here earlier in the week.

Here is quick round-up of what we know about these devices. Firstly, the Amazon tablet –
this is rumoured to be in development by androidheadlines.com although
there’s nothing definite from Amazon themselves. Archos have
their Archos 8 home
and there’s rumoured 8th
. Asus Chief Jerry Shen confirmed recently that the company would be developing an Android version of the EEE pad next March, hopefully retailing for around $399.

Meanwhile Dell already have the Streak available in shops and there’s a leaked 2.1 ROM already available. Expansys are currently awaiting for stock of
the Huawei S7 tablet with built-in phone capabilities and Motorola have said they will
release a 10” tablet in conjunction with Verizon.

Samsung have possibly the most exciting (and most expensive) tablet coming up with the Galaxy Tab with a 7″ screen with a rumoured 1.2GHz CPU, WiFi, 3G and Android 2.2. I will probably be buying the
Motorola or Samsung to replace my Archos 5it android tablet. So, unless you want links to
lots of cheap Chinese tablets, that’s the round up done.

Let us know what you have your
eye on, if you’re totally against tablets or if you’re going for an

Links – androidheadlines.comarchosfans.comelectronista.com
Links – Huawei S7FT.comengadget.com