mIQ – Backup everything you could ever need

mIQ   Backup everything you could ever need

While I take some time off from my App Review show I thought I could do some written ones instead, since they don’t take much time. So here we go with the first.

A few weeks ago the powers that be at Best Buy Mobile offered their latest backup app for me to review. I have had a few of these apps in the past (both free and pay for) so was excited to see what was what!

Jump on past the break to see what I thought.

Link – mIQ

The first thing I want to mention about this service is its providers. The app is from Best Buy Mobile in theory, but the email address of the person contacting me gave away its original origins. This was the Dashwire Backup app I was so familiar with on my Windows Mobile powered Touch Diamond! If you have used that app previously on Windows Mobile then you won’t have much need for this review. You’ll just be happy to know that you can head over to the marketplace and download it for free! Those of you who wish to know a little more, let’s take a look at what this app does.

mIQ   Backup everything you could ever need

This is the main screen of the app, it offers access to everything you need and has a massive progress bar! Pressing the progress icon twice will pause up the backup progress if you wish, the other two buttons are pretty self-explanatory.

mIQ   Backup everything you could ever needmIQ   Backup everything you could ever need

This is the settings screen. It’s easy to guess the functions of the first two options here, the first one allows you to select what to sync. Being an Android device your contacts are backed up with them, so you don’t have to worry so much about that. However it is worth mentioning that this app will also work on Blackberry, Symbian (Nokia) and Windows Mobile devices. So you can happily change phone and keep all your data easily. The second one turns automatic backup on and off. However, the third and fourth options the hard ones to guess. Media Mode lets you switch between always backing up or only backing up when connected to Wi-Fi, which is a very handy option to have. Privacy mode is tied in with the services ability to post your photos and videos to your various social network page. With this function turned on the app won’t update you social networks. Simple.

mIQ   Backup everything you could ever need

This brings me onto my final point, the web interface. Above is a screenshot of my account and as you can see, it’s very simple to navigate. Seeing everything there is very reassuring and you can be confident that everything is backed up. The one issue I had was that it has detected my HTC Hero to be a Motorola Droid…odd.

So would I recommend this app? Of course! It’s a free service and is available across multiple mobile platforms making changing phone an exceptionally easy process.