Vodafone HTC Desire tweaks annoy owners

Vodafone HTC Desire tweaks annoy owners Gah – can open, worms everywhere. The complaints about the new Vodafone HTC Desire update seem to have exploded all over the Vodafone forums with the moderators hurriedly editing posts from customers and stating that …

“We customise phone software to optimise customers’ experience of the device on the Vodafone network and to enable access to our services.”

Many news sources are stating that this update includes the FroYo 2.2 update, but it does not. It’s just Vodafone adding their pixie dust over the vanilla HTC Desire units sold in stores – you’ll still be on 2.1 after the update, but with added “helpful Vodafone apps”. To make things worse it seems that the “gold card unbranding” method may not work after you’ve applied this update.

Update – The thread seems to have moved / renamed and there’s now one here instead. The moderators seem to be clamping down on angry posts with responses stating “(removed – Campaigns against Vodafone not permitted)”. It gets worse though. Bookmarks appear to have been added to the browser pointing to “Flirt” and “Dating” websites which are leading to further complaints from Vodafone customers.

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