HTC Glacier performance stats revealed

HTC Glacier performance stats revealed The HTC Glacier is a name we’ve heard some time back and there’s rumours that the device, whatever it is, will be coming to T-Mobile as part of “Project Emerald”. Things get a bit misty now, as we’re not sure if it’s a T-Mobile USA thing or a new Orange / T-Mobile “Everything Everywhere” venture.

There’s rumours of a slate device kicking around, or some new kind of Desire-esque Android phone, but the only real thing we know is that it’s dual-core. Website has stumbled across these GLBenchmark results which were uploaded by a “Mike Bibik” in Seattle last Friday. Guess who he works for, go on. Yep, T-Mobile. Ha.

If we dig down there’s an 800×480 screen and some extremely quick results from the benchmarks. In the GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.1 CPU Skinning test the Glacier pulled 1432 frames, compared to the Droid X which got 856 frames and the iPhone 4, which did 1016 frames.

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Credit – Sandeep Rawal