Android Maps – Now easier to find places

Android Maps   Now easier to find places Google Maps has just been updated yet again. Now on version 4.4 there’s a new “Places” icon in the app launcher which will find .. err.. places nearby. There’s also business hours and more place details plus you can now tap the “Navigation” icon to drive with 3D maps and live traffic.

Android 1.6 (and above) is needed, so let’s hope that the Hero 2.1 update appears for Orange users soon..

“Place Pages now have a bunch of new details, such as prices, parking and menu links to inform your quest for the perfect steak. You’ll also notice that the search results list now highlights business opening hours in addition to compass direction and distance — consider it your late night caffeine radar.”

To force the update, click into the Android Market, hit “Downloads” and then update Google Maps from there.

Link – Google Mobile Blog