iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Browser comparisons

iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Browser comparisons Yes yes, we know this is a slightly unfair battle. This is an iPhone 3GS versus the Samsung Windows Phone 7 prototype. There’s also someone moving the 3GS pages after they’ve loaded – I presume that the Windows Phone 7 browser will move while loading too.. but… it does seem to take quite a bit longer to load pages. At first glance I’d say that this isn’t a totally fair test – we can’t figure out if rendering is the issue or just the size of the data pipe, but heck.. it’s worth watching someone actually using the browser.

We can’t wait to try this out for real when the actual finished phones are ready later this year. Until then, if you’ve got 10 minutes, have a look at all of the videos over at Newsgeek – there’s some excellent hands-on videos of the new OS from the Marketplace, Office Hub, Xbox Live Hub, Music Hub, People Hub and a lot more.

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