Microsoft encourage staff to develop for WP 7

Microsoft encourage staff to develop for WP 7 Gah, remember those 90,000 free phones that are coming to Microsoft employees? Well, something else is being given out too. It’s an email from Senior VP of Mobile Communications, Andy Lees. He’s asking staff to use their new Windows Phone 7 device to “find the things that make it personal and valuable to you”.

There’s also a suggestion that Microsoft employees should get involved in producing apps outside of work..

“In addition, we’ve introduced a new employee developer program which makes it much easier for you to develop apps for Marketplace in your spare time.”

This seems like a good idea as there’s plenty of talented people at Microsoft, but of course there are people who will see this as a company fighting for developers. There’s also concern that, even if Microsoft employees produce successful apps, they won’t be able to profit from them due to company regulations.

Link – TechFlash

Credit – Craig Day