Shipped ROMs – It’s over

Shipped ROMs   Its over Conflipper, for those who aren’t aware, has been a great source of information for HTC, Windows Mobile and Android news for quite some time. However, it looks like he’s now hanging up his keyboard, with finally coming to an end too.

The Shipped ROMs site contains links to all the latest official HTC ROMs, so you can download them without the IMEI checking and effectively put standard ROMs onto branded handsets. They got into a bit of grief when HTC issued them with a cease and desist letter, however all seemed well after an agreement was made. Now it seems that a further compromise has been reached, but this time it means the end of any further uploads, so the site will effectively come to a halt as of now. Conflipper has also decided to leave the community completely ….

“Because of the recent turn of events. I (have) decided to leave behind the PPC community; and focus my time on other tasks at hand.”

Link – Shipped ROMs