Windows Phone 7 is coming, Windows Live included

Windows Phone 7 is coming, Windows Live included Microsoft seem to be hitting the headlines again, this time in a positive way. Andy Lees, Senior VP of Mobile Communications at Microsoft has revealed new features in Windows Phone 7, including the ability to locate your phone if it gets lost, lock it or wipe it. You also have a sync function for transferring photos from your phone with Windows Live dishing up 25GB of storage via SkyDrive. It sounds pretty similar to the Kin Studio system that Kin phone users enjoy.

Windows Phone 7 will be available in 17 different countries. It’ll be very tightly integrated with the Bing search engine, Xbox and Zune for music and video. Let’s hope that some of this is changeable, because not everyone wants to be tied down to one service.

The Windows Phone Beta tools are now available to developers too, so there’s real hope that Microsoft can become the come-back kid. Steve Ballmer recently stated that Microsoft had missed a “whole generation of users”.

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