Roadmap for T-Mobile USA includes Windows Phone 7

Roadmap for T Mobile USA includes Windows Phone 7 Another roadmap leak, this time from T-Mobile USA, has turned up some gems. The Motorola CHARM is up there, which we knew about already, plus there’s a “HTC Vanguard” coming in September and a “HTC Emerald” in November. Both of these HTC devices are believed to be Android powered, but there’s also a mention of the “HTC Shubert” in late November which is believed to be a HTC Windows Phone 7 device.

The Windows Phone 7 device seems to be spelled “Shubert” on the slide, although it’s also been kicking around the web as “Schubert” and kinda ties in with an earlier Tweet by Conflipper, although this initially stated Telus.

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