Kin – A truly sorry tale

Kin   A truly sorry tale The inquest into the death of Kin continues all over the web, with engadget gaining access to yet more behind-the-scenes info. It’s a sad tale, with good beginnings but an eventual launch of an unloved, unfinished and untidy product.

Microsoft Exec J Allard seemed initially to be on-track with many networks and manufacturers eager to be part of the Kin devices, known then as “Project Pink”. Verizon and Sharp ended up getting chosen, with both enthusiastic and ready to go. According to the rumours, Senior VP Andy Lees wasn’t keen on the Kin phones and he didn’t like the fact that resources were being split between Windows Mobile and Pink. Andy eventually managed to gain control of the Pink Project and his jealously even pushed it into the “contractual obligations” bin. Everything about the project was changed and dates began to slip. With the project running behind, Verizon ramped up the price of the promised data plans and several suggestions from within the team were ignored just to get the thing signed off.

The previous sales figures quoting only 500 handsets were actually a bit off, with around 10,000 actually being sold. Verizon are now left with the majority of the support responsibility too. What’s concerning is the fact that the Kin team are very talented and mentioned the problems and uneasiness about the product many times. They’ve now found themselves inside the Windows Phone 7 team but, according to the sources, are being pushed into the background and are probably sat browsing around job websites or making coffee as Andy Lees seeks to keep them completely out of Windows Phone 7 Version 1.

Oh, and this had to happen didn’t it? (

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