Three launch massive new talk plan

Three launch massive new talk plan Three have announced a new phone tariff called the “One Plan”. Ofcom have proposed lower mobile termination fees and this has meant that Three can offer much cheaper calls. The new plan includes the following monthly allowances..

2000 “Any network” minutes, 5000 “Three-to-Three” minutes

5000 texts

1GB of data

The cost starts at just £25 per month, and Three have recently added a greater range of phones. You can actually get the HTC Desire on this plan for £35 per month.

Three have recently won a case against Orange after they ran an advertising campaign stating that Orange had the largest 3G network in the UK, although things will be getting even more confusing before long. T-Mobile and Orange will be merging their networks soon, but at the same time Three are performing a “ground-breaking network consolidation programme with T-Mobile”, so as far as we can see they’ll all be using each others networks?

Link – Three Press Release