Stock low on AMOLED screens, HTC adding SLCD

Stock low on AMOLED screens, HTC adding SLCD The HTC Desire has been in high demand. People here in the UK are having to wait for stock to arrive and, when it does, there’s even more customers waiting. It seems that the AMOLED screens have become a little harder to get hold of recently, with Samsung obviously wanting to use AMOLED screens in their own handsets too – and probably giving themselves preference.

HTC have decided to add another supplier – Sony. They’ll be supplying Super TFT LCD screens as an initial mobile exclusive to certain HTC devices, including ones that are already out there. The mechanics of this switch haven’t been detailed as yet – such as how two identical HTC Desire units can be shown as having different screen types – but if it gets more of the phones out there, then we can’t argues too much with their logic.

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