Nexus One vs the iPhone

Nexus One vs the iPhone With the iPhone 4 becoming available today I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll admit it, I went into town and came back with… a HTC Desire. đŸ˜‰ Which is better? Well, CNET have done a comparison between the Nexus One (which isn’t a Desire I know, but it’s very similar in every way) and the iPhone, albeit the iPhone 3 but with the very latest OS 4.

The winner ? Well, in this case it’s the Nexus One..

“OS 4 goes for simplicity every time, and Apple doesn’t want to mess with it by allowing too much customisation. But if you like to pimp your mobile, nothing beats the flexibility and options offered by Android, the grand master of modification. Combined with the extra features, Android wins this battle.”

Link – CNET