HTC Wildfire – More pictures

HTC Wildfire   More pictures
Despite the lower resoltion screen and the 528MHz CPU, the HTC Wildfire has definitely impressed everyone we’ve shown it to so far. This weekend we’ll have the opinions of those who’ve used it as their main phone for a week and a review should be online early next week.

Until then, we’ve got yet more up-close photos to go with our earlier batch. This time we’ve also done some more comparison shots with the HTC Desire so you can see the size difference. Oh, and a quick note on the Orange version of the Desire. Has anyone else noticed how the “text reflow” doesn’t work on the browser when zooming in? For some reason this version of the Desire requires a “double tap” on the screen to zoom in and reflow the text. It’s no big thing, but it’s a difference you should probably be aware of.

Link – HTC Wildfire Photo Gallery