iPhone 4 Signal problems?

iPhone 4 Signal problems? It looks like there is indeed a problem with the iPhone 4. The video below shows the issue on a US handset – just touching the metal band around the edge of the phone instantly dips the signal strength from full bars to nothing. This is very interesting, and you may remember how we were looking at the HTC Legend which had a separate connection to the battery cover for the antenna. This, I presume, is to avoid the hand-on-metal contact from messing with the signal.

Let us know if you’ve experienced something similar.

Update – Apparently if you hold it with your left hand (like this video) it drops the signal. It seems to be the lower left corner than causes the issue.

Update 2 – Here we go, there’s already accessories to fix the problem available (a rubber cover).. T3.com

Link – YouTube (FameFoundry)
Credit – Jack

Here’s how the HTC Legend antenna connects. It forms part of the battery cover..

iPhone 4 Signal problems?