Google to kill off HTC Sense and other UI’s ?

Google to kill off HTC Sense and other UIs ? We’ve talked a lot about fragmentation and the problems it causes. Android users may have already seen those apps in the Android Market which state, “Does not work on Hero” or “Does not work on Droid”. It’s something that Windows Mobile users have experienced too, with Microsoft now going all-out to take full control of the platform and devices in Windows Phone 7.

However, there’s now word that Google are about to do the same thing. The next Android version (Gingerbread) will add more control, with less opportunity for skins and custom interfaces. Like Microsoft, Google is seeking to add more stability and speed to phones bearing their OS, with a more unified experience throughout. TechCrunch quote “multiple sources at Google”, with only cosmetic changes being allowed on the default Android UI. Google, according to the rumours, believes that third-party UI’s can slow the device and want to make a faster, better default UI.

If true this could mean the end of UI’s like MotoBLUR and HTC Sense, which is a pretty massive investment for both companies.

Link – TechCrunch