HTC Wildfire Unboxing and Overview

HTC Wildfire Unboxing and Overview Yesterday we received not one, or two, but three HTC Wildfire handsets. We’re going to be doing a new type of review on this one – giving it out to different types of people. The first part of the review was going to be a simple unboxing, but it’s turned into a 26 minutes monster which shows the app sharing feature, the “first turn on” setup sequence and a tour around the phone.

A lot of people have called this a “mini HTC Desire” or “mini Nexus One”, but the specs aren’t the same. You can’t compare the Desire and the Wildfire on the specs alone – the Wildfire has a slower 528Mhz CPU and a lower-resolution 3.2″ QVGA screen – but you do get Android 2.1, the excellent HTC Sense interface, capacitive multi-touch screen and all the usual goodies (GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio and sensors for proximity and light).

The Wildfire will be cheaper too, with 3UK, T-Mobile and Vodafone picking it up. It’ll also be available unlocked for around £200.

Stick this video on full screen in HD if you can.

Link – HTC Wildfire UnboxingWildfire Gallery