Android Market Becoming Too Crowded?

Android Market Becoming Too Crowded?

Vodafone PR were kind enough to loan me a Google Nexus One and a Vodafone 845 for a few weeks which arrived yesterday and, as with any new Android device, the first place you visit after the initial sync is the Android market.  However what did hit me yesterday was the amount of rubbish which actually makes its way onto the market.

When viewing the ‘Just In’ section I noticed it was full of themes for applications you also need to download (far too many themes in my opinion), it was also full of these pointless wallpaper apps like ‘Babes 1, Babes 2, Babes 3 etc….’.

Apple just announced their iPhone 4 and there is already a lot of positive feedback on the App Store and we all know there is a strict criteria for putting an application into the App Store which Apple check through and approve or deny as needed where as ANYONE can submit for Android.

My question to everyone is what do you think about the current Android Market situation, do you find it becoming too full of pointless rubbish and long for a more streamlined store with worthwhile content like the App Store or do you prefer the open nature Google currently offer.

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