2GHz Motorola Android approaching soon

2GHz Motorola Android approaching soon A 2GHz phone? Well, it’s not too far away. Whilst some people are still using PC’s powered by 2GHz processors, Motorola boss Sanjay Jha has stated that a Motorola device will be powered by one by the end of the year. Based on Android, there’s no real specifics but an anonymous source stated that it would “incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today” with NVIDIA Tegra graphics, HD video recording and output, Flash 10.1, HD screen and a camera with more than 5 megapixel resolution.

More QWERTY Moto’s with more processing power could be on the cards too, with Jha stating that many companies will be giving out smartphones instead of netbooks and laptops within 2 years. If they’re based on Android, that’ll be treading all over the toes of the old Windows Mobile market.

Thanks to Dave Thorley for the tip on this. Do let us know if you have anything you think we should be covering.

Link – knowyourcell.com