Watching the World Cup on your mobile? You’ll need..

Watching the World Cup on your mobile? Youll need.. There’s a fairly big football thing happening soon and, if you’re lucky enough to have and Android phone with Beebplayer still installed you’ll be able to watch it when the BBC shows a match (see here for a list of what channel is showing what).

But.. there’s a couple of problems. Firstly, it looks like the utterly fantastic Beebplayer has been discontinued. We’re guessing that Dave Johnston was probably told to stop by the BBC, who are developing their own version, but it’s a massive problem for fans of the BBC iPlayer and the Beebplayer Android app. Sure, you can Google around for the APK files and install it yourself but still, it’s not good.

The other problem is the sun. So, if and when the British summer does return, you may have a problem seeing everything on your screen. Luckily Orange have come up with this, the Orange visor. You can download one and put it together yourself.

Windows Mobile owners can use myPlayer to get both BBC iPlayer and ITV Player TV, with the for Android version coming soon. Other than that, we’d love to hear about your ideas for watching the World Cup on your phone – any tips or software we’re missing here?

Update – A massive “thank you” goes to chesterdob who’s recommended Yamgo. I’ve just browsed to it on my phone, registered (which is free) and you get instant access to live TV channels – BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1, ITV2 and many other channels too. Click on for a quick snapshot..

Links – Beebplayer DiscontinuedOrange visor

Watching the World Cup on your mobile? Youll need..

Here’s Yamgo in action – it looks like the screen orientation is a bit off, but it works well..

Watching the World Cup on your mobile? Youll need..